Bus Accident

Bus accidents are usually catastrophic events requiring, where possible, the legal counsel for claims generated by the extensive damage, serious injury or death that occur there.

If you are one of the many people who have been victims of a bus accident, a good advice is to contact an experienced attorney to provide legal assistance.

Chelsea Bridge Road bus crash
Bus accident
It is that you can dedicate to rest while it heals, leaving the legal part that involves traffic accident in the hands of a good lawyer. This is also good advice if you are a family who has been injured or has died from an accident with a bus.

Worldwide, and here in the United States, traffic accidents occur frequently, including accidents where buses are involved. According to statistics, in the United States more than 300 fatal accidents occur during a year. These accidents, although no fatalities include also involve property damage, serious injury costs and possible disabilities. All this has a high frequency in a bus accident.

The causes of a bus accident is complex to determine. Additionally, it is complex to litigate, because you can find involved in the accident the bus driver, the bus company management, other drivers, etc.

That is, there are multiple responsible parties in the crash of a bus, which generate a series of questions:
Is it the responsibility of the bus driver?
Is there a responsibility for the management company buses?
Are there others involved in the accident responsible drivers?
Is there liability of bus OEMs?
Is there a government agency responsible for, in the case of a public bus?
Was there the influence of drugs or alcohol as a factor in the accident?
They were there mereorológicas bad conditions (or visibility) that influenced the occurrence of the accident?
Does the road was defective and this influenced the occurrence of the accident?

Due to the great weight of the buses and the possibility for them to move at high speed, damage, injuries and deaths that may occur they are very catastrophic. This generates much suffering on the victims, costly medical expenses, extensive damage to cars involved (which are usually the total loss of the vehicle) and the loss of income of the victims during the time of recovery.

All accidents are unexpected events. In the case of a bus accident, often traumatic, unexpected events. When a bus accident in one (or more) people die, the driver can face criminal charges for manslaughter. And even when people do not die, there is normally the right to compensation for the pain, medical expenses, lost wages, etc.
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