Tips when a traffic accident occurs

Any driver can be involved in a traffic accident. It is known that driving cars is considered a risky activity. "Car crash occurs at any time".

Keep in mind that every accident is different. Not the same a collision between two cars, between a car and a motorcycle, between a truck and a car, or ran over a pedestrian with either vehicle (tractor, truck, bus, car or motorcycle). However, there are actions that we must always present. In addition to this, we must use our logic.

Florida Highway Patrol in action 
By Tampa Gator at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For this reason, it is important that we know we should do when presented an accident.

Initial advice for when crashes occur.

- The first, very important and sometimes difficult for victims, is to stay calm about everything.

A traffic accident is an event that could generate a natural slippage in the emotions of people. We can feel anxiety, fear, stress, anger, sadness or anxiety. Therefore, we must do everything possible to keep calm all the time.

- The second is to consider the most important thing is life and help that could be provided to injured persons.

First we must ensure that we find ourselves well and did not have serious injuries or compromising our health. Then we can check the health of others involved in the accident.

We must also protect the scene, to prevent further accidents. It should be placed reflective signs that tell other drivers that there was an accident and should slow down. These signs must be placed at a distance greater than 30 meters.

- The third is that we must not omit assist people in need, if we are able to provide it.

If you are seriously injured and are not experts, we should not move to prevent more serious injuries. The exception to this rule is that this fire, a flood or a landslide, which may result in additional risk for victims.

If the victims were in serious condition and bleeding, you can place a piece of gauze over the wound to stop the bleeding. If the victims can be moved, they must be located outside of the track and away from the accident, to avoid new risks.

- And finally, the warning should be given. We call the hotline for assistance. We must also call our insurance and transit authorities and report the accident. We should not move vehicles until the authorities (and insurance if applicable) their arrival.

It should give detailed information to help arrives as required. It is very important to give the right direction to the accident.

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