Danger, hazard, risk

The lawyers and accident reconstructionist often use terms like "risk-taking", "danger", "drive within the envelope of no return", or state that a product is "unreasonably dangerous".

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"Risk" is a planned or involuntary a person of a vehicle in a way that can cause injuries or damage operation. Accident statistics show that high-powered cars have higher rates than their lower power counterparts accidents. Vehicles with four-wheel drive are often driven faster than road conditions permit.

In general we can say that technological advances increase the speed of the vehicle, not necessarily traffic safety. Therefore, drivers should know how to handle well the technological advances of the car.

"Hazard" is the potential to cause harm or loss. Hazards may be associated with the driver, vehicle, road, or the environment. For example, a tired or sufficiently experienced driver, a wet road, a hole, a tire burst (or deflation), an overloaded vehicle, etc. It can be a risk.

You can also mention other hazards, such as roads or poorly lit tunnels, the lack of a buffer in good condition in a vehicle, a sign covered with a tree or snow, a sharp edge of the cabinana of a bus or truck, or improper use of a seatbelt (bad tight, for example).

All risks have the potential to cause accidents and / or injuries to people sharing traffic, regardless of their origin or nature.

"Danger" is the probability of a risk of becoming the cause of an accident, and therefore generate injury or damage. For example, if a vehicle is driven with four bald tires (that's the danger) at high speed and with a wet road, it creates a high degree of risk, since it increases the probability of an accident occurring.

Then, security would be a measure of the probability that there is a risk or danger. Safety is increased to minimize or even eliminate, where possible, the risk associated with the driver, the vehicle, the road and the environment.

Exaggerating the contribution of safety systems in vehicles it should be avoided by manufacturers. It can be shown that the air bags, seat belts and improved braking systems have improved safety. However, there are factors that can invite a driver, for example to travel faster, such as pneumatic "super strength" road in snow.

lawyers and Reconstructionist must be able to clearly distinguish between "Danger, Hazard and Risk", to carry out a claim, for example, in the case of an accident with a car, a bus, a tractor. Similarly, forensic experts are able to recognize the most important information to be processed in each case to determine responsibility for the accident on the part of lawyers.

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