History - traffic accidents

In 1896 a pedestrian dies as the story goes, and the first car driver happened in 1898. Given the advancement of technology at that time, you can ensure that these choches not run at high speeds, are achieved as today . We are also confident that the roads were not paved, there was no traffic lights or signals on the tracks, and moreover, there was no traffic agents of the state responsible for the prevention of accidents and traffic management.

Car crash 1

It is traffic accidents, and it was said when they talked about the universality of traffic accidents, the only difference between accidents that occurred over 110 years and accidents today, makes the magnitude and quantity. According to global agencies, traffic accidents and pass the 1,200,000 deaths / year, making them the leading cause of death worldwide (surpassing deaths from war or common criminals). Furthermore it is estimated that the cost generated by these traffic accidents spends 500,000 million dollars a year, so that the World Bank will consume about 25% of its global health resources in addressing traffic accidents, endangering the viability of global health policies.

If traffic accidents viewed from sustainable development, is that the policies of prevention, education and repression generate traffic accidents are dubious because they do not guarantee human security. It can be said then that the accident must be analyzed from many points of view, not only from the legal side and the economic consequences, but also in sustainable development and as an element that can eventually impact more severely than today, in the world economy.

For the curious, I'll expand a bit on the first traffic accident said. It is an accident happened in Ireland, where Mary Ward dies at 42 years of age (31 August 1896) when he falls for a vehicle that had steam engine and had been designed by his cousin. Mary Ward was a scientist and pioneer in the fields of microscopy and telescoping eminent.

The August 17, 1896 dies Bridget Driscoll, a 44-year-old mother of two children. This happens in an accident with a car of the Anglo-French company (The Roger-Benz) to the dizzying speed of 7 km / h. The car was performing a demonstration to the public and was led by Arturo Edsell employee (wearing three weeks driving). A lengthy investigation of six hours, after which the jury gives its verdict of "accidental death", which was not carried out any legal proceedings against the driver or the company that owns the car was made. As a curious thing one can cite the speed (7 km / h) was described as tremendous and the coroner said that an accident like this does not happen again.

The first fatal crash of a car into a tree leaving a dead man occurred on February 12, 1898, when Henry Lindfield, a businessman, died in hospital several hours after the accident. Here too there was a verdict of "accidental death."

Photo credits:  By Thue (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons